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Business of the Month

               June 2018 Business of the Month

                Pet$aver Healthy Pet Superstore



Russell & Brenda Herman established their first store in Greece in 1994.  Their  Rottweiler Bucky had terrible skin and coat due to being fed poor quality pet food.  Once they were educated on the advantages of feeding a great pet food and healing their dog in under a month, they decided that they needed to get this message to every pet owner.  They then opened their first store.

The primary focus is on getting their customers pets on great quality foods.  In addition to providing very personal customer service, they offer a full line of pet products and self-washes for dogs. 

Pets make people happy and are part of the family.  If they can help improve the health of those pets and improve the bond people have with their pets, that makes them happy.

Between the 4 stores, corporate office, and warehouse, they employ about 45 people.

Pet$aver’s Healthy Pet Superstore are suckers for every cause, besides being active in their local Chamber’s, Rotary, church, etc., they are very proud to be able to donate all of the dog and cat food fed at Lollypop Farm and Rochester Animal Services.  With the help of the customers and pet food manufacturers, they developed a program to cover this entire cost.  Doing so frees up funds for them to use for other projects such as spay/neuter programs and pet ownership education.  They also sponsor running races, Veteran’s Outreach Center, CURE Childhood Cancer, many local pet rescue groups, Scouts, etc.  Their family believes in serving their community and their country.  Both of their children are active duty military members, so helping and honoring our veterans is one of Pet$avers major causes.

Isn’t it great to have your pet eagerly awaiting your arrival at home?  That’s how they want you to feel when you come to Pet$aver.  They especially love it when you bring your pet with you.  There have been  many times they have given customers hugs who have come into our stores to tell us that they just lost their beloved pet and knew that we would understand their loss.  Then there is the customer who brings in their new puppy or kitten knowing that we would be thrilled to meet them.  Pets are family and they get it.  They are going to do everything that they can to make them happy.

Congratulations to Pet$avers Healthy Pet Superstore as June 2018’s Business of the Month!


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