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The  Webster   Chamber   of   Commerce  is   excited  to   recognize   Diane   McClure   and   Edge Advertising  Group  as  the  March  Business  of  the  Month.

Edge  Advertising  Group  is  a  full-service advertising agency in Fairport, N.Y.  With a mission to help companies shape and expose their brands, Edge  offers  a  wide  variety  of  advertising  services  for  every  business  and  industry.    Services  include branding,  search  engine  advertising,  email  marketing,  public  relations,  media  buying,  social  media, graphic design, web site design, coding, and hosting, online management and on-hold messaging.               Edge  Advertising  Group  believes  giving  back  to  the  community is  an  annual  business  goal.    In addition to personal commitments, they have chosen to support the community efforts of their customers, to add critical mass to reach increased annual contributions.              

Edge  participates  annually  in  Henderson  Ford's  book  drives  and  toys  for  tots  campaigns.  They help  secure  other  business  partners'  participation  as well. The  book  drive  collects  books  for  students  in grades 1-6 at Frank Fowler Dow Elementary School. The toy drive collects toys for the local Rochester Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.              

Edge financially supports the Webster Chamber of Commerce and Fairport-Perinton Chamber of Commerce  through  membership  and  also  performs  leadership  roles,  in  addition  to  participating  in  on-going Chamber events.  For the Webster Chamber, Diane McClure serves on the Board of Directors and Chairs  the  Marketing  &  Communications  Committee.   She  is  on  the  Board  of  Directors for the  Fairport-Perinton Chamber of Commerce and delivers free public relations and some social media services.              

Diane  has  participated  on  Ad  Council  Round  tables,  in  a  consulting  role,  as  they  service  the business needs of local non-profits.              

John  Rabish,  an  Edge  Partner,  serves  on  the  board  of  a  Webster-based  charity,  Christopher's Challenge. Christopher’  s Challenge is a charitable organization that began in 1998. Its mission is to pay for  the  typing  of  individuals  willing  to  become  potential  donors  through  the  National  Marrow  Donor Program,  as  well  as  other  costs  associated  with  bone  marrow transplants.    The  entire  Edge  team  has been  involved  in  past  events.    Additionally,  John  is  on  the  Board  of  Alyssa's  Angels,  which  raises  and distributes funds to benefit Rochester's most disadvantaged children.              

Charles Guerin, an Edge Partner, serves on the Oratorio Board.  He and his wife are also State Certified Ombudsmen at Monroe Community Hospital.              

Other  community  service  roles  performed  by  the  Edge  team include:  Image  Out  Film  Festival, Metro Justice, National Home Funeral Alliance Treasurer, Locks of Love, and Empowered Girl Alliance.              

Please join us in recognizing Edge Advertising Group as the March Business of the Month!


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