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Welcome to DC Associates

We can help save you time, while you focus on the core aspects of running your business:

• Allow your business to grow by receiving the advice and support your business needs

• Focus on the core products and services of your business while we improve the revenue and profitability

• By working together, your business will provide greater personal wealth for you and your family

Our Process

Levels of Engagement


• Benefits analysis

• Profit and Loss

• Debt Management

• Startup and entity advisory

• 3 meetings a year

• Balance Sheet


(Includes all services from Retainer Level)

• Business Services review

• Employee compensation plans

• Owner compensation package(s)

• Transition and succession planning

• 4 meetings a year

• Detailed profit and loss review


(Includes all services from Retainer & Concierge Levels)

• Employee financial education meetings 2 x / year

• Bookkeeping services at discounted rate

• Coordinated Tax Planning

* Business valuations done as needed at a discounted rate



Be sure to take a look at the Membership section for more detailed information on the Webster Chamber, such as: fees, upcoming events, benefits, and our application form. And feel free to reach out at 585‐265‐3960 for answers to inquiries not covered on the site. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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