35 Curtice Park, Webster, NY 14580
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Embracing Options is a Care Net affiliated outreach of His Branches whose mission is to reach people in today’s culture with positive life-affirming choices relating to pregnancy and sexual activity.


Over 50% of Embracing Options clients are younger than 18 years old and most are walk-in clients from the neighborhoods we serve. Over 70% of these women come to Embracing Options from seeing the brightly colored signs in front of our centers; others hear about us by word of mouth.

We believe that the City of Rochester needs many centers surrounding the city to serve clients from their local areas. Our first satellite center is in Webster.  We’ve helped develop another center in the Bay & Goodman area which has one of the highest abortion rates in Rochester and we’re currently coming alongside another group that’s establishing a site in Greece.

We’ve also discovered that our city has alarmingly high rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We’re concerned about the spread of life-threatening illnesses like these and so are many of our clients. In response, we’ve developed STD screening and counseling programs for men and women at both of our sites and are recruiting more counselor-trainees.

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