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Solar is consistently proving to be an excellent investment. A report from the NC Clean Energy Technology Center found that in all but four of the 50 largest cities in the United States, the return on investment when installing a 5 kW solar power system makes more financial sense than investing in the stock market. The up-front cost is getting much cheaper too; according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, residential solar cost had dropped dramatically. There is no reason to believe that trend will not continue.
With the extension of the 30 percent tax credit and the significant drops in the cost of solar panels – the cost of solar panels has dropped by 80 percent since 2008, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency, and prices will continue to drop – more homeowners will look to solar loans as a way to take advantage of all the possible credits and discounts, as well as jump on the solar bandwagon while costs are on the way down. Understanding solar loans and all the benefits is the first step for homeowners who are eager to harness the power of the sun to lower their utility bills.

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