Board of Directors
Chairperson Dawn Sargent E-Mail Dawn
Diane McClure
Don White E-Mail Don
Garrett Wagner
Immediate Past Chair
Joe Vitello
Director Ken Dens E-Mail Ken
Director Tom Deroller E-Mail Tom
Director Steve Conger E-Mail Steve
Director Rose Gabriel-Angel  E-Mail Rose
Director Jeff Maroney E-Mail Jeff
Director Jamie Messner E-Mail Jamie
Director Carolyn Montanaro E-Mail Carolyn 
Director Tim Shortsleeve E-Mail Tim
Director Karen Szembrot E-Mail Karen
Chamber Staff:
President / CEO
Barry Howard
Administrative Support 
Barb Baldwin
Governance / Policy
Barry Howard
Cynthia Ely
Programs & Events
Bill Koopman
Member Services
Carolyn Montanaro
Marketing & Communications  
Diane McClure

Be sure to take a look at the Membership section for more detailed information on the Webster Chamber such as fees, upcoming events, benefits, and our application form. And feel free to reach out at 585‐265‐3960 for answers to inquiries not covered on the site. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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