Karyn Dietz Therapy


Karyn Dietz has been a therapist since 2013 and started her private practice April 2015. She transitioned from working in a clinic to her own practice to be able to able to grow and bring more mental health care to this area, as a lot of mental health services are often located in the city. Karyn is a licensed mental health counselor and provides mental health care to teens and adults of all ages. She helps support individuals and couples who are struggling with their emotions, thoughts, and relationships. She offers support, skills, and new perspectives to help clients reach their goals to improve their daily life.

Karyn really loves what she does. The best part of the job is not just when she starts to see significant progress, but when the clients are able to see it for themselves. It is a wonderfully rewarding profession, and she is thankful to be the one that provides her clients with a support and ally in their mental health process.


While working toward her degrees, Karyn worked for Mary Cariola Children’s Center supporting special-needs families – particularly parents – which was one of the important goals she set for herself once she became licensed and able. Along with a former coworker, Karyn has begun partnering with Mary Cariola Children’s Center to provide free and reduced-rate wellness services to caregivers of children with disabilities – helping parents, guardians, and paid caregivers. Karyn learned about the Webster Health and Education Network’s Drug Free Community Coalition at a Chamber breakfast last year and became excited to be able to participate with this important group alongside other Chamber members. She looks forward to being able to use some of her knowledge and skills to educate the community about and help prevent drug abuse.


While there is nothing too humorous in her line of work (that she can share anyway!), Karyn sees every person that has engaged and worked on themselves as having done something incredibly important.


Congratulations to Karyn Dietz Therapy as the Webster Chamber’s November 2017 Business of the Month!

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