Papa Reggio's Engraving and Gifts 



Papa Reggio’s Engraving & Gifts started 1997 as Reggio’s Discount Trophies.  Working part-time out of his house and working closely with a local soccer club, Joe Reggio quickly became a favorite in the area for trophies and awards and moved to the first retail location in 2002.  They changed their name to Papa Reggio’s Engraving & Gifts to show a more diversified product line and quickly outgrew the store and moved to their current location on West Main Street in the village of Webster.

Joe says the best thing about the recognition and awards business is that it is always evolving and coming up with new products and ideas.  His customers are always asking “what do you have that’s different from last year?”

As a trophy and awards business, he works closely with non-profit agencies and community organizations.  They take pride in servicing Toys for Tots, Patriot Guard Riders, local scouts and area school districts just to mention a few.

Congratulations to Papa Joe Reggio’s Engraving & Gifts being named the Webster Chamber’s August 2018 Business of the Month!

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