Veterans Home Inspection Services

Henrey started Veterans Home Inspection Services in 2009 when he got licensed as a home inspector.  He wanted to provide people with an unbiased inspection because he had horrible experiences with Real Estate agents while he was in the Army.  Henrey wanted to work for himself and set his own hours.

Henrey examines properties for damage, hazards, and other current or potential problems that may affect the buyer or seller during a real estate transaction.  This includes an onsite, in-person walk-about inspection with his clients providing suggestions to any issues they discover.  He checks the interior and exterior of each house, takes detailed pictures of each area, and documents any structural, functional, or safety issues he observes.  He evaluates all the major home systems, such as the foundation, roof, attic, electrical outlets, plumbing, and appliances – including the water heater – to ensure they meet modern building and safety standards.  He provides each client clear documentation of his findings in a report within 24 hours of the inspection.

When asked what he likes best about his job, Henrey replies, “I provide a critical service enabling people to make the best choice with the largest purchase of their life.”  Henrey enjoys inspecting different homes with different issues and appreciates building a relationship of trust with each of his clients.  His motto:  “Making my city a better place to live.”

Outside of his service in the United States Army protecting our great country and in addition to participating in various Webster Chamber of Commerce events Henrey is an active member of the Baptist Community Church in Pittsford and a member of the Perinton VFW.  He is also a member of the Greater Alliance of Realtors and teaches courses on Home Inspection topics to Realtors and Home Inspectors.

I wasn’t sure where to put this in the article, but Henrey told me he once saw a six foot tall, 300 pound raccoon when he was in an attic!

Please join us in congratulating Henrey and Veterans Home Inspection Services as the Chamber’s August 2021 Business of the Month!

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