Loyal Helper Group

Sharon started Loyal Helper Group officially in 2017 after a career in the accounting and finance industry.  Combining her strong organization and project management skills with her desire to help others, Sharon was the go-to person to get “stuff” done – whether it be a fundraiser, organizing a garage, or establishing a volunteer schedule.   She saw her grandmother weekly and helped her (and granny’s friends) with bill paying, health care plan decisions, and downsizing projects.  On vacations she’d been known to help family members clean closets, rearrange furniture, and sort through drawers, (and she actually thinks it is fun!)  One day she decided – “Why not do what I love as a business and help more people?”

Loyal Helper Group helps clients get control over their projects, treasures, and people.  They are professional organizers and Senior Move Managers, formally accredited by the National Association of Senior Move Managers.  Projects range from closet and garage organizing to moving a family and downsizing 50+ years of treasures.  They plan, organize, coordinate, arrange, box, pack, unpack, donate, and sell personal belongings in a way that maintains the dignity and sanity of their clients.

Sharon likes that each job is different with unique challenges.  Her thorough approach truly helps families and individuals facing monumental tasks.  She loves hearing the stories that pop up as a client relates to an object or photo.  She works diligently to help folks of the GOAT generation get into a senior community, reconcile their health billing, or get help with financial assistance.  Sharon approaches downsizing as “closing the family museum and moving the exhibits.”  It’s a delicate process which must be done thoroughly and with great care.  The team at Loyal Helper Group gets to know a lot about the people they help and feel honored to be a part of the process.

In addition to being an active member of the Webster Chamber of Commerce, Sharon has been actively involved in Boy Scouts since 2003 and is currently the Board Secretary for the Webster Comfort Care Home.

Congratulations to Sharon and Loyal Helper Group as the Webster Chamber of Commerce December 2021 Business of the Month!


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