July 2022 Business of the Month

C3 Advisory


After many years of working for other CPA firms, Garrett got a call on Christmas eve 2018 and was told that an old firm he used to work for was about to be sold or shut down and if he had any interested in coming in and buying the firm.  Garrett jumped at the opportunity to help save the job of so many he knew and by February 1, 2019 C3 Advisory was formed. The goal of being able to provide innovative solutions to clients’ needs in the accounting, tax, and advisory areas to help their clients make better decisions.

C3 Advisory’s primary function is providing piece of mind in an ever-complex tax and financial landscape.  Dealing with taxes is not something anyone can avoid, and C3 works with their clients to help them clarify their direction and create a roadmap to the future.

C3 distinguishes themselves from the competition by placing a strong emphasis on the importance of their clients’ future business and personal financial well-being rather than simply looking at past figures.  ​Their dedicated team of CPAs continuously undergo rigorous training to ensure their vast knowledge and expertise remain at the pinnacle of the industry.

​​One of the best parts of Garrett’s job is knowing he and his team can make a difference in people’s lives.  30% of people would get “IRS” tattooed on their forehead if it meant never having to file taxes again.  If they can save those people from getting that tattoo, they are doing their job!

In addition to being the Treasurer for the Webster Chamber of Commerce on the Board of Directors and participating on the Chamber’s Education Committee, Garrett the president of the new York state society of CPA’s nextgen group.

Congratulations to Garrett Wagner and C3 Advisory as the Webster Chamber of Commerce July 2022 Business of the Month!

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