November 2022 Business of the Month

Wellness 360


Lindsay Perez and Beth Parry worked together in physical therapy for many years. During this time, they started to have the same vision; the typical healthcare model of physical therapy is not enough. Of course, physical therapy is a needed and significant step, but when you are dealing with life-long disease management, it is just not enough.

Lindsay and Beth wanted to treat the person as a whole. They had a vision of supporting their patients through the entire disease process, creating community and different avenues for health and wellness. Sadly, this vision came to a crashing halt during the COVID pandemic. This stimulated the decision to start their own business with their own business model and vision. They learned how to start a business, market their business, run their business, build their website, edit videos, use social media platforms, etc. They are thankful they have had the Webster Chamber's support throughout the entire process. They found everything they needed to move forward right here in Webster!

Wellness 360 strives to provide complete, person-centered care and services. They believe that the combination of evidence-based treatments and the consistency of the client's participation is the cornerstone of disease management and healing. They treat patients from acute injury to life-long disease management. Their vision is to support each person through individualized, one-to-one treatment. They offer insurance-based physical therapy, massage therapy, and group fitness classes for disease management and offer home-based physical therapy for those unable to drive to their location. Wellness 360 supports their clients with social events, fun fitness challenges, and a sense of community. They are always looking for ways to give back to their community through educational lectures, disease prevention boot camps, and building business relationships. They aim to support their patients by supporting their caregivers and hosting free respite events, support groups, and activities in the community.

Wellness 360 has been in business for less than two years. They thought they would start a small business doing what they love to do. They hired their first employee within three months, which snowballed from there. They now have a small business of women employees and contractors who want to leave the typical healthcare model of productivity and numbers to follow their passion. It is Lindsay and Beth’s goal to support their team by allowing them to find their passion like they had the opportunity to do. In a year, they won the Readers’ Rankings Best Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Award.  They genuinely feel blessed to have this fantastic staff and following of patients that allow us to do what they love to do, and it all started with a dream!

Congratulations to Beth Parry and Lindsay Perez of Wellness 360 as the Webster Chamber of Commerce November 2022 Business of the Month!

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