November 2023 Business of the Month





The November Business of the Month: TYS CPAs, LLP. Located in two primary locations: Willow Brook Office Park in Fairport, New York and 800 South Broadway, in Walnut Creek, California.

TYS CPAs LLP is not your average accounting firm. The journey started with Glen Thomas, Chris York, Tobin Moon, and Tim Shortsleeve, who after two decades in the industry, envisioned a new model of accounting. They saw its potential as more than just crunching numbers but as an instrument to catalyze business growth for their customers. This vision led to the birth of TYS CPAs, LLP in 2010, a firm that is collaborative, innovative, and proactive, standing true to its motto: “We Change Lives”.

TYS CPAs, LLP extends beyond just tax accountancy. With a slew of offerings ranging from their Innovative Consulting Services to the specialized "TYS Emerge" process for the Construction Industry, they live their role as "Trusted Advisors and Accountants." The mission is clear we serve as trusted advisors—taking a personal stake in our clients’ success.

Now, with a team that comprises four partners and fifteen employees, what stands out most for them? The people. The sheer joy of aiding staff and clients. They live by many principles at the firm such as the price certainty promise – their services are always fixed-rate to guarantee excellent results, no matter how many hours it takes. Or the Proactive Problem Solver - the team will apprise customers of any potential issues or opportunities to address them in the moment, not when it’s too late. Never reactive!

It is not just about business for TYS CPAs, LLP. They embed themselves in the fabric of the community. Their contributions include being an active member of the Webster Chamber Board and volunteering at the Jefferson Avenue Elementary school.

In conclusion, it's businesses like TYS CPAs, LLP that redefine industries, prioritize people, and give back to the community. Congratulations to TYS CPAs, LLP for being named the Webster Chamber of Commerce’s November Business of the Month. We are proud to recognize and celebrate your remarkable journey and contributions.

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