April 2024 Business of the Month

Turner Auto Care

Congratulations to our April Business of the Month – Turner Auto Care.

Nestled at 1411 Empire Boulevard, Turner Auto Care has been serving the Rochester area since its inception in 1968. Originally founded in Greece, NY by three brothers, including Robert Turner, the business made its pivotal move to Webster in 1972 where it quickly established itself as one of the area's first import specialty repair shops, setting a high standard for automotive care.

When Scott Bartlett joined Turner Auto Care In 2011 as a partner to Robert Turner.  With Scott's leadership, the torch was passed seamlessly in 2014 when Robert retired, marking a new era of innovation and community service. Scott’s wife, Vicki, joined the team in 2016, further solidifying Turner Auto Care's foundation as a family-owned business.

Turner Auto Care’s expertise in vehicle maintenance and repair aren’t the only things that set them apart.  It's their unwavering commitment to the people they serve. Scott, Vicki, and their dedicated team of 5 professionals go beyond the mechanics of automotive care. They focus on creating an environment where customers feel welcome, safe, and valued.

Their mission is simple yet profound: to be the trusted shop where customers can confidently care for their vehicles. It's about prioritizing education, trust, and exceeding expectations, ensuring every customer leaves with peace of mind and satisfaction.

For 55 years, Turner Auto Care has not just fixed cars; they've been building a community. Scott and Vicki are not just in the business of fixing cars, that’s just a conduit. It’s about building relationships, building trust, exceeding expectations, and getting people back into their routine and comfort zone as soon as possible.

Turner Auto Care's community spirit shines through their involvement in various activities and causes. From their decade long support of the Webster Girl Scouts to their passionate support for GRASP, an animal rescue group from which they adopted their beloved Moose. Their commitment extends to empowering our youth through GirlRock! Rochester, an organization dedicated to fostering self-confidence in youth through music. Their involvement with the Webster Thomas Titan Service Scholars exemplifies their dedication to nurturing meaningful service learning and community engagement among our students.

What sets Turner Auto Care apart is their unique approach to customer relationships. They see their customers not just as clients but as vibrant members of our community with diverse talents and stories.

Their commitment to service and community is perhaps best illustrated by a heartwarming story involving a customer, a golf course, and a tiny kitten. Turner had a customer who called them from the golf course. After his round, he approached his vehicle to find a note on his windshield that said “DON’T START YOUR ENGINE!! I hear meowing!!” His first thought was I need help from Turner Auto Care! They instructed him to open his hood and search for the kitten, but he couldn’t see or hear anything, and he wanted them to come and look anyway. When they arrived and were able to do their own investigation, they found a tiny kitten hiding in the corner of the engine compartment who DID NOT want to leave said engine compartment. 45 minutes and one (ripped to shreds) shirt later they were able to rescue the feline and deliver him to a rescue facility.

Turner Auto Care exemplifies what it means to be a pillar of the Webster community. Their dedication to excellence in service, their unwavering commitment to community involvement, and their heartwarming approach to customer relationships make them more than deserving of this recognition.

Congratulations to Scott, Vicki, and the entire Turner Auto Care team on being named April’s Business of the Month. Their contribution to our community goes beyond automotive care; they are truly in the business of making a difference.

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