May 2024 Business of the Month

Webster Comfort Care Home


Webster Comfort Care Home (WCCH). Established in 2003, this sanctuary for the terminally ill shows the spirit of community and the example of compassion here in Webster.

The seeds for WCCH were sown 22 years ago when David Whitlock, moved by the need for such care in our town, initiated efforts with his wife and close friends. Their vision was simple yet profound: to offer a home where individuals could spend their final days with dignity, surrounded by love, without any financial burden. Their relentless efforts, supported by donations and community builders like Norm Gerber, transformed this noble idea into the beautiful facility they have today.

WCCH operates under the leadership of Julianne Groff, MSW, the Executive Director since December 2021, who brings her extensive experience from UR Medicine Hospice. She leads a dedicated team of 14 staff members and over 56 weekly volunteers who provide around-the-clock care. This team, supported by a diverse and committed Board of Directors chaired by Jackie Carosa, Esq., includes individuals like Cheryl Hosey, our primary nurse, and Ruth Rappaport-Kristal, our volunteer coordinator.

What sets WCCH apart is not only its commitment to providing free, quality care but its deep integration into the fabric of our community. The home has been a pivotal place for many, hosting weddings, birthdays, and even pet visits, proving that it truly celebrates life every day. This ethos is captured perfectly when they say, “we laugh more than we cry,” a testament to the environment of hope and joy they foster.

WCCH’s impact extends beyond its walls. They accept donations like wheelchairs and walkers, which they repurpose or donate, supporting global needs like those in Ukraine. They also contribute to local education, providing internship opportunities for nursing and PA students from our area colleges.

In conclusion, Webster Comfort Care Home is not just a care facility; it is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of community support in Webster. Let us celebrate and recognize the profound impact WCCH has made in the lives of many, proving that the most vulnerable moments of life can be met with the greatest acts of kindness.

Congratulations to Webster Comfort Care Home as May 2024 Webster Chamber's Business of the Month!

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