2016 Business Person of the Year – Robyn Whittaker

This year’s honoree is a successful business owner, a philanthropist, a madcap event planner, a mother,  a  world  traveler,  coach  and  instructor,  a  contributor of  time,  talent  and  money  to  causes, organizations and individuals.              

She  is  an  active  committed  chamber member  whose  involvement  has  furthered  the  Chamber’s mission and its ongoing successes in the Webster community.              

We  are  pleased  to  introduce  the  2016  Chamber’s  Business  Person  of  the  Year:  Ms.  Robyn Whittaker.              

Robyn  is  the  owner  and  operator  of  Beyond  Cuts  Salon  on  West  Main  Street  in  the  Village  of Webster.    Her  clients  come  from  all  ages  and  walks  of  life,  their  appointment  could  be  at  7:30  in  the morning or 7:30 at night.  She operates a Paul Mitchell Salon because it is a professional hair care line and she is a Paul Mitchell instructor teaching technique and product experience to practitioners and salon owners.  She has traveled all over the United State sharing her talent and knowledge.              

You  are  aware  of  the  old  adage:  If  you  want  something done,  ask  a  busy  person.    There  are fewer busier than Robyn.              

She  is  on  the  Chamber’s  Membership  Committee  and  the  Board  of  Directors;  is  a  member  of Webster  Rotary  and  is  currently  their  president;  she  is  president  of  the  Webster  Village  Business Improvement  District  and  sits  on  the  Board  of  Directors  for  the  Webster  Community  Economic Development Alliance.              

She  has  raised  or  donated  tens  of  thousands  of  dollars  for  local  organizations  and  charities including Relay for Life, Ronal MacDonald House, Isaiah House, Camp Haccamo, Webster Comfort Care, Webster  Rotary,  Hope  House,  Heritage  Christian,  the  American  Legion,  and  Lollypop  Farm.    She organizes an annual benefit golf tournament called RobynPalooza and she has helped organize and run more Wine Walks for the BID than she cares to recount (or can remember).            

Her  email  signature  gives  her  the  title  of “ Director  or  Philanthropic  Madcap  Events” .    Robyn  is always  working  on  the  next  event  or  fundraiser—always  calmly  and  without  pressure  on  anybody  but herself  to  give  and  be  of  service.   There’s  history  in  her  efforts  and  the  most  outstanding  characteristic attributed to Robyn is that she leads by example and never asks for anything she hasn’t done or is willing to do.              

We have only touched on a few of the many things that Robyn does to contribute to the Chamber and to the Webster community.  Her commitment and dedication to her family, her business, and to the Chamber and its members is clear and demonstrated daily.              

Robyn’s enthusiasm is contagious; her can-do attitude never falters.  Her strong commitment to service  in  business,  relationships  and  our  community  seems  to  be  unending  and  her  zest  for  live  and work make her an outstanding—she clearly contributes to making Webster a Community of Choice and the place where life is worth living.              

Congratulations to Robyn Whittaker, the Webster Chamber’s 2016 Business Person of the Year!

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