Ann Kowal, President, introduced Ann Carmody as the 2007 Business Person of the year.  She said, “Everywhere I turn in the community, there is Ann.  In every place she has been, any committee she is on (of which is hard to count) she leaves a trail of success, with quality input, careful consideration with a broad view of opinions.  Her articulation and thoughtfulness is exceptional and her eagerness to help is never ending.  Think of Ann as Queen of 4-C’s - our four leaf clover - She leads in Communication, Collaboration, Co-operation and Community - we are lucky to have her.”

Bob Freese, Director and Co-Chair of the Membership Committee, presented the award with the following words of praise.

Ann is a devoted mother, wife and member of the Webster Community.  Listing all the organizations she is involved in would be like reading the phone book.  Ann has a passion for highlighting the strength of the Webster Community.  Her contributions are focused on bringing out the best for the citizens of our town.  She has an optimism and a belief in the good of people and organizations that is contagious.

Through the years Ann has seen the big picture how quality Webster facilities and education benefits the business community.  Ann’s support of the community partnership, community activities, open space, Parks and Rec and more has enhanced the slogan, “Webster, Where Life Is Worth Living.”  Ann has dedicated her career to improving the quality of life for all who reside in our town.  Ann’s passion for student excellence in our schools and community has been second to none.

Ann has been an advocate for Webster, the schools, the community and its businesses.  She is articulate and enthusiastic about everything she is involved in.  Ann has wonderful communication skills, a sense of humor and brings a great ideal of heart and caring to her profession as well.  Ann communicates well with everyone of any age or position.  She can go from Senior Day, to Arts Day, to Village Days, to hosting Chamber breakfasts with fluidity and panache.

Ann has been a huge supporter of the Community Partnership and has been a selfless mentor.  She is a big-picture thinker who sees the Partnership’s value to the business community and always encourages further enhancement of that benefit.  She is always accessible and available.  Fundamentally, Ann has her hand on the pulse of this community, she has tirelessly dedicated herself to being involved with all facets of Webster including, athletics, academics, facilities, the community partnership, PTSA, senior citizens, local businesses, to name just a few.  As a result, Ann has first hand knowledge of the needs and interests of the entire Webster community and works diligently to actualize Webster’s mantra, “Where Life Is Worth Living.”  As the Director of Community Relations, Ann serves as an incredibly helpful resource to community members seeking any information about our schools and is a knowledgeable representative in any community forum, her lifelong commitment is admirable and worthy of the highest praise.  She knows that communication and collaboration are critical for success.  She not only believes, but understands that working together precedes winning together and that open communication fosters trust.

Ann has been active in the Webster Chamber for the last twelve years.  She was on the Chamber’s original strategic planning team that lead to the development of the Chamber’s first Case for Business, our vision for economic development in the Webster community.  She has served on the Case for Business Committee continually for over twelve years, and has committed to remain on this team even after her Board term expires in June.  Whenever Ann is asked to help on a project, she immediately delves into the project, even on a moments notice.  “No” is not in her vocabulary.  She continually helps in putting together videos, slide shows, articles and photographs for a number of Chamber projects.

Ann is particularly passionate about our youth, and has on more than one occasion rallied support by reminding us that while our youth may only be 20% of our present population, they are 100% of our future.  Ann is a 20-year member of the Webster Central PTSA, and has served as its President, she was also a member of the New York State PTSA Board of Managers serving first as its Public Relations Chairman and later, Editor of the NY Parent Teacher Magazine.  She has also been a member of its Legislative Committee and made a number of advocacy trips to Washington, DC where she lobbied for appropriate funding for public education.  Her contributions to children and youth were recognized with the NY PTA Distinguished Service Award in 1997 and with a National PTA Honorary Life Membership in 2000.

The bottom line is - Ann is an asset not only to the members, youth and businesses of the Webster community, she is a fundamental part of our collective heart that makes us what and who we are.  She is an integral part of our collaborative winning spirit.

Ann’s life has been filled with hard work, dedication and achievement.  For this, the Webster Chamber of Commerce is proud to present her with this award - The 2007 Business Person of the Year.  Congratulations.

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