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BC’s Chicken Coop opened in November 2010 and is a local, family owned business. We specialize in our favorite home-style fried chicken, slow cooked ribs and our homemade side dishes which we call “feed pans”. All of our meals also come with our famous cornbread muffins. We believe our “secret” family created recipes will soon become your favorite too.


Our fried chicken is NEVER pre-cooked in any way. ALL of our food is fresh, never frozen, and is completely prepared by us. This includes all of our “feed pans” right down to our homemade mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and all 7 sauces; our most popular being our signature “Coop Sauce” which we can barely keep up with the demand for it. Our fried chicken in not breaded until you place your order, therefore depending on how much chicken you order, it could take a few extra minutes however, this is just one of the MANY reasons we currently offer FREE local delivery.


Finally, we are committed to supporting our local economy and other local businesses, therefore all of our food is “plucked” locally. Come down and give us a try, you WON’T be disappointed!

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