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The Gathering Place is a non-religious non-profit offering a diverse collection of community service opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to participate in.



A place for community, family, learning and fun.

We’re so happy you stopped by. The Gathering Place was created to offer a wide range of programs that serve the community with a unique twist…all of YOU are invited to volunteer at each of these programs. You…the community…get to serve…the community ! WOW ! That’s pretty powerful. Volunteers of all ages come to the gathering place to do all sorts of activities that give back to the community. Here’s just a few examples…

Maybe you will decorate a lunch bag for the Bag Lunch Program or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or write an encouraging note to go in the bag. The result will be yummy lunches for REACH to share with chronically homeless individuals in Rochester.

Maybe you’ll help inventory the Pet Food Pantry which was founded by teens who wanted to help feed pets in need. This is David, one of the founders.

Even the youngest kids can fill pet food orders ! Juliana and Dylan are experts !

These folks filled CARE KITS that were given to guests at BABER Soup Kitchen.

Maybe you’ll work in the community garden. The harvest goes to Webster Hope to help feed families in need and it also fills our outdoor pantry available to the whole community. Everyone loves to play in the dirt…right?

Or maybe you’ll cook and/or serve at a FREE COMMUNITY SUNDAY SUPPER which happens the second Sunday of every month.

Oh but there’s so much more. In fact, new service projects are popping up all the time at the Gathering Place. Individuals, families and groups can find ways to use their interests and talents to serve their community. AND there’s always something to learn when you try something new.

If you would like to be on our email list, we will periodically remind the community of special events and service opportunities. We’re also working on a monthly newsletter. Just use this link to submit your email. We promise we won’t share it with anyone.

Until next time… keep learning, growing and serving.


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