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L21 Solutions, LLC is a HR consulting firm that helps employers who feel stuck, learn to recruit so they can hire great talent.
At L21 Solutions, LLC, we are passionate about making a difference in the way employers hire great talent. We’ve met many employers who feel stuck when recruiting—from frustration with job postings not bringing in quality applicants, to feeling overwhelmed in how to tackle a technology implementation. We realized this is where we can offer our unique talents to help other businesses excel not just in recruiting, but talent acquisition as a whole. Our passion and dedication to excellence are the driving forces behind L21 Solutions, and we are excited to help businesses revolutionize the way they approach talent acquisition
What sets us apart?
We want our clients to feel empowered and liberated by a centralized system and properly documented processes, after working with us. With that-- a Playbook is created and included with each consulting solution to support our clients' continued success in recruitment. A Playbook not only ensures consistency and a central place for seasoned team members to refer back to, but is an invaluable tool for onboarding new hires.

Meet the Team

We’ve grown our careers in a variety of industries over many decades. Get to know the owners of L21 Solutions, LLC!

Crystal Kardys

For the last seventeen years, I’ve worked in talent acquisition (TA).  My experience spans the staffing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), higher education, and corporate defense industries.  I’m a recruiter by heart and have built a career working with small to large Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 organizations to implement and expand their talent acquisition functions across the globe.  Some of my favorite projects include TA operations, university recruitment, global referral programs, and implementing Talent Acquisition/Talent Management software like WorkDay, iCIMS, Taleo, UKG, Paycor, and SuccessFactors, Avature.  My real passion is developing professionals’ recruitment skill sets.  There’s nothing better than watching someone you taught succeed! Two things I am incredibly proud of are being named a “Woman Worth Watching” by Profiles in Diversity Journal, and being a founding member of the Fortune 500 Employer Brand report-- which can be read on my LinkedIn profile. I hold a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership, and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration concentrating on Human Resources and Marketing.

​When I’m not having fun at L21 Solutions, I spend my time with my two daughters, husband, and our dog.  


Amanda Loucks

My experience stretches across multiple industries including defense, higher education, banking, retail, and hospitality. Over the last two decades, these positions allowed me to develop skills in data analytics management, global technology training and implementation, policy and procedure development, and program/project management. By far the project I’m most proud of is building out a global talent acquisition operations function over 5 years. This included composing the business case, recruiting for the best talent, building training programs, and most importantly, driving efficiency in the TA function, which ultimately saved millions of dollars.  I have implemented several technologies including Paycor, Avature, and Workday, and is a certified Actualized Performance Cycle, DISC, and Motivators practitioner. My goal is to engage my passion, expertise, and creativity to help businesses thrive. I have a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development from Nazareth University and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from The University of Tampa. On a personal note, I enjoy spending time with my husband, son, and our dogs, gardening, DIY home projects, and visiting new places.  

Mission, Vision, & Values


Empower businesses with innovative and collaborative talent acquisition strategies that elevate their success. We aim to achieve this by tailoring customized solutions to meet the unique needs, goals, and culture of our clients.


Revolutionize the way companies approach talent acquisition by providing them with access to cutting-edge tools, expert guidance, and data-driven insights. We envision a world where every organization has access to the best talent and is equipped to attract, hire, and retain top performers.



We keep freedom (liberation) and independence top of mind in every decision we make and client we support.


We empower companies to take ownership over process changes. Internally, we build a culture of empowerment and trust.


We are forward-thinking, and strive to continuously improve. We remain curious and ask questions.


We listen to understand another person’s perspective.  We challenge ourselves and clients to think differently, and look at a challenge from another angle. 


Decision making is intentional and well thought-out, no matter who the idea/decision comes from.  We understand the “why” behind the asks, challenges, and solutions.

Professional Memberships

  • Association for Talent Development (ATD)
  • National Human Resources Association (NHRA)
  • Rochester Women's Network
  • Webster Chamber of Commerce


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