Matthew Gabel



When it comes to selling diamond jewelry, Matt & Anne Gabel expect clients to make an intelligent decision based on their personal objectives. MJ Gabel is a brick & mortar family owned business dedicated to their client’s satisfaction. The selling process we created is designed to educate you about your diamond jewelry, while seamlessly offering you an intelligent price. Our experience and unparalleled market knowledge allow you to make an empowered choice that is tailored to your needs.

With direct access to over 5 Million buyers our process is incomparable, and we were the first to offer our clients options beyond just a cash offer. We offer direct jewelry buying, consignment and brokering, as well as  auction environments to our clients to allow them to make the best decision for them.

Let our jewelry expertise & networks be your advantage. We will walk parallel with you through the selling process and will ensure the process is a positive and transparent one. That is what sets MJ Gabel apart. 

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