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About Us

We are...

A community resource focused on nurturing happy, healthy, drug-free youth in Irondequoit.


Our vision

To create systemic change of beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and  practices associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs  among youth, their families and our community at large in order to build a healthy, safe, drug-free community.

Our mission

To establish and strengthen  collaboration among multiple community sectors to develop and support  the implementation of programs and activities related to prevention,  education and reduction of youth substance use by:


  • Acting as a channel for programs and information relating to healthy non-addictive lifestyles,              
  • Assessing and reporting the needs of our community through evidence based effective practices, and             
  • Addressing gaps revealed by these reports.

Be sure to take a look at the Membership section for more detailed information on the Webster Chamber, such as: fees, upcoming events, benefits, and our application form. And feel free to reach out at 585‐265‐3960 for answers to inquiries not covered on the site. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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