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Town & Country Enterprises does more than just landscaping. We do commercial and residential snow removal and more. Our Rochester Landscaping Company does everything from weed control to lawn mowing so our customers have the best lawns and gardens. We are based out of the Rochester area and have been providing our professional landscape services since 1976.

Town & Country Enterprises offers landscaping to those tired of the outrageous prices and unreliable services that others claim to offer. Over the years, we have experienced tremendous growth because of our work ethic. Our customer base has grown since our start some 39 years ago. We take pride in serving our customers with fair and honest pricing and work.


Town & Country Enterprises Inc

Lawn Care

Call and schedule your next mowing with Town & Country Enterprises. We will do the hard work for you as we put our sweat and tears into our work. There's no reason to exert yourself when we're around to handle the workload. Lawn care is something that is best left to people who can creatively go about it.

Rochester lawn care is what your home or business needs to look better. First impressions count on both the inside and out. Don't miss our on our lawn mowing and get the yard you've always dreamed of in no time and consistently.



Landscape Care

Town & Country Enterprises IncGet on board with the others in your neighborhood and have weeding done by our professionals as well as other related services in order to make your yard the center piece of the neighborhood. If there's one thing that can get out of control in your yard it's the weeds and the grass. We use safe and gentle solutions so it kills the weeds and protects your grass for many years.

We can back up everything that we say with quality landscaping that's affordable and done whenever you need it. You'll be proud of the work that we do. We've been in the business for a while and are local, so we know what our customers needs are.



Town & Country Enterprises Inc

Landscape Design

You can call or look for our landscape designs all throughout the neighborhood. We can make your outdoors look great no matter what time of year it is. From plantings to hardscapes; it's no wonder why we are chosen over all others.

We have the expertise that it takes in order to get jobs done perfectly and on time no matter how big or small they may be. So don't just let anyone design your lawn (property) because there are many who claim they can help but can't as they don't have the skills our manpower to do so.




Town & Country Enterprises IncTown & Country Enterprises does a little bit of everything from garden paths to water features and ponds. Just think, your business and your home will be taken care of professionally and at fair pricing that won't break your bank account. Our goal is to help you and your outdoor structures to be improved.

When dealing with the public; it's vital to keep your patrons safe. This means not blocking the pathways and having aesthetically pleasing outdoor components such as water gardens and ponds. We can keep your property well manicured.



Why Choose Town & Country

Get all of your services done by us and stop worrying about the fate of your outdoors. Our Rochester Landscaping Company will take care of it as we have the manpower and professional equipment to do so. We know what it's like to have out of control weeds and dead lawns.

No matter what time of the year it is; we offer our Rochester landscape & lawn care services. Your home and business mean a lot to us. Being local; it's our responsibility to support all people in our community no matter how big of an outdoor problem you've got.




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