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WYSC Vision

The Vision of the Webster Youth Sports Council is to be the recognized leader in advocating for youth sports in the Webster community, focusing on being a model for:

a. Promoting participant safety, education, health, wellness and sportsmanship, as well as coaching excellence, training and quality leadership in all community sports organizations.

b. Utilizing Webster School, Town and Community Group resources to enable superior youth sports programming.

c. Maximizing the utilization of existing community facilities to provide opportunity to all sports.

d. Community Sports/School District/Town Government cooperation

WYSC Mission

The Mission of the Webster Youth Sports Council is three fold:

1. Act as the primary advocate for youth sports in Webster in promoting safety, health, wellness and sportsmanship in the Webster Community by supporting and implementing age appropriate instructional, recreational and competitive opportunities for all skill levels.

2. Coordinate with the Webster Community Partnership, Webster Central School District and the Town of Webster to prioritize and schedule facilities for WYSC member groups use.

3. Capitalize on the unique spirit of cooperation between Webster Town, School District Athletic Departments, Community Partnership and community sports organizations to collectively focus on identifying and implementing the most efficient and effective means of promoting participant safety, coaching excellence, coach and player training and quality leadership in all community sports organizations.

WYSC Beliefs

In support of community youth sports programs WYSC has developed the following Value Statements to help guide our actions:

1. We believe in the display of good sportsmanship by players, coaches and spectators.

2. We believe in age appropriate practice techniques and game schedules.

3. We believe in the development and implementation of a Webster-wide Code of Conduct for players, Coaches and Spectators as a tool to help make youth sports more fun and meaningful for everyone.

4. We believe in season appropriate scheduling for all sports.

5. We believe in and support the implementation of ‘down time’ for every sport.

6. We believe in and encourage all participants to play multiple sports as part of becoming well rounded individuals.

7. We believe in the need for coaching background checks and certification for all coaches to ensure participant safety and a good experience

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