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Group fitness classes designed and led by healthcare professionals

Parkinson's, M.S., and Osteoporosis Wellness Programs

Mindfulness for chronic pain and disease management. 

Prehab Rehab joint strengthening class

MOVE group fitness 


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Wellness 360 classes are specialty classes designed to support an individual’s health and wellness goals. These classes meet the needs of both fitness enthusiasts and those who are looking to make positive lifestyle changes. All classes are designed and instructed by a licensed health care provider, trained to provide a safe and effective class based on your goals and diagnosis. These classes will provide the motivation needed to be consistent with your exercise and wellness routines. Participants can feel comfortable joining our classes at any fitness or wellness level.

Where to start?

An evaluation by a physical therapist at GVPT is required prior to participating in most of our exercise classes. See class descriptions below for more details. This allows us to be able to personalize the workout classes based on your health needs. All classes are designed by a PT/PTA to ensure safety and appropriate progressions. There is no referral needed from physician to get started! Please call GVPT to set up your direct access evaluation

For any questions or concerns, email or contact our Wellness 360 Program Directors:

Wellness 360 Class Descriptions:

Osteoporosis Class

The Osteoporosis exercise program is a moderate intensity, low impact exercise class that incorporates stretching, strengthening, and balance to improve bone density, improve muscle strength, and coordination. These classes ensure you receive the benefits of exercise without the risk. You do not need an osteoporosis diagnosis for this class, anyone wanting to prevent bone loss is welcome to attend for preventive measures. Classes are an hour in length and offered 2 times a week in both our Webster and Greece office.

Multiple Sclerosis

This exercise class is focused on improving the quality of life with those living with MS. The class will focus on flexibility, gentle strengthening and balance training. All levels are welcome and all exercises can be modified for each individual's needs. You can expect improved energy and quality of life from this PT designed and led class!

Mindfulness for Chronic Pain or Disease Management

Did you know that 75-95% of disease is caused or worsened by chronic high stress levels? Many diagnosis and side effects of disease can be reversed or reduced by stress reduction techniques and by making small changes to your daily living. The mindful living series are classes designed to teach you stress reduction techniques and how to make small changes in your eating habits, sleeping habits, and daily living. Stress management is one of the most fundamental interventions for effective disease control, preventive medicine, and chronic pain management. Our mindful living class will deliver different week to week topics that will teach you stress management skills, mindful meditation, and healthy living tips to improve your sleep, decrease your stress, decrease your pain, and promote the most optimum health habits for you and your family. This class is great for anyone suffering from chronic pain, disease diagnosis, or unmanaged high stress levels. No evaluation is required for this class. Please use the online sign up below.

Balance and Agility for Fall Prevention

If you have had recent falls or are fearful of falling, this class is for you! You will be guided by your Physical Therapist/instructor in exercise to improve both static and dynamic balance. With regular practice, you can expect to feel more agile and more sure of yourself in all of life’s situations.

High Intensity Indoor Cycling

Looking to improve your endurance and stamina without the strain of high impact activities? Indoor cycling provides a perfect low impact, intense aerobic workout. This class was originally developed as a way for people with Parkinson’s to achieve the high level of aerobic training needed to manage their symptoms. We have found that this fast-paced workout has benefits for ALL people looking to improve their endurance.


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